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Gruppe Pfaffenhofen / Ilm


September-Brief 2005

Hier ist das Anschreiben an die Vertretung des Landes

Botschaft des Staates Eritrea
S. E. Herrn Petros Tseggai Asghedom
Stavangerstr. 18
10439 Berlin


hiermit übergebe ich Ihnen ein Schreiben an den Präsidenten Ihres Landes, in dem er aufgefordert wird, die sofortige und bedingungslose Freilassung der gewaltlosen politischen Gefangenen Aster Yohannes und ihres Ehemannes Petros Solomon zu verfügen. Außerdem wird er gebeten, Aster Yohannes umgehend die notwendige medizinische Versorgung zukommen zu lassen. Ich ersuche auch Sie, sich für diese Bürger Ihres Landes einzusetzen.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Bemühungen.

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Hier ist der Brief an das betroffene Land

Issayas Afewerki
President of Eritrea
Office of the President
P.O. Box 257

Dear President,

I am deeply worried about the fate of Aster Yohannes, who was arrested by security forces in December 2003. Since that time she has been imprisoned without being allowed to contact any people outside such as relatives or lawyers. As her whereabouts is not even known, it is to be feared that she may be at risk of maltreatment or torture. According to reports the Eritrean authorities had guaranteed her safety on her return from the United States where she had studied for three years.

It is true that Aster Yohannes had been a member of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front like her husband Petros Solomon, but after the independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia in 1991 there was no more political commitment on her side. In fact, both of them are regarded as prisoners of conscience by Amnesty International which acts in defence of people imprisoned in violation of human rights.

I should like to appeal to you to release Aster Yohannes and Petros Solomon immediately and unconditionally, so that they can return to their four children. Moreover, I urge you to give Aster Yohannes access to medical treatment as she suffers from heart disease and asthma.

I should like to ask you to organise an investigation into all claims of torture and maltreatment in this case, and also to ensure that she will receive correct medical treatment.

Yours sincerely,

Copy to:
Botschaft des Staates Eritrea
S. E. Herrn Petros Tseggai Asghedom
Stavangerstr. 18
10439 Berlin