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Gruppe Pfaffenhofen / Ilm


Oktober-Brief 2003

Hier ist das Anschreiben an die Vertretung des Landes

Botschaft der Republik Kenia
S. E. Herrn Frost Edwin Otieno Josiah
Markgrafenstr. 63
10969 Berlin


Sie erhalten anbei eine Kopie meines Schreibens an den Minister für Provinzverwaltung und Sicherheit Ihres Landes. Er wird gebeten, sich für die Freilassung eines Gefangenen einzusetzen. Amnesty International ist der Meinung, dass Abdel Mohammed Al-Dahas, trotz Anerkennung des UNHCR als Flüchtling und ohne Beweise für seine angeblich "terroristischen" Aktivitäten zu Unrecht inhaftiert ist.

Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn auch Sie sich für diesen Fall interessieren und Ihren Minister über unsere Sorgen informieren würden.



Hier ist der eigentliche Brief an das betroffene Land

Hon. Chris Murungaru
Minister of Provincial Administration and National Security
Office of the President
Harambee House
Harambee Avenue
PO Box 30510

Dear Minister,

I am writing to draw your attention to a case which has been brought to my notice by the human rights organisation Amnesty International.

A former pilot of the Iraqi airforce, Abdel Mohammed Al-Dahas, has been imprisoned in your country without charges or trial since 8 October 2001. He is suspected of terrorism although up to now there have been no indications or proof of terroristic activities on his part.

The prisoner had always opposed the former Iraqi regime. In 1972 he was imprisoned and tortured for alleged contacts with Syria. After his release he was constantly under observation and interrogated by the authorities. In 1995 he was able to escape, first to Yemen and then through several other countries in the Middle East and Africa. The Iraqi embassy in Yemen refused to renew his passport. On arrival in Nairobi, Kenya, in December 1999 he applied for refugee status at the UNHCR. Even before he could be granted this status he was arrested by the Kenyan authorities, accused of illegal entry and ordered to be returned to Iraq. Before this could happen he was awarded refugee status. This did not prevent the authorities from deporting him to the United Arab Emirates. On arrival there he informed the UAE authorities of the danger to his life in Iraq and he was therefore returned to Kenya. Since then he has been in prison.

It would appear that he has been wrongfully arrested and imprisoned. I would urge you to organise the immediate release of Abdel Mohammed Al-Dahas unless, of course, there are valid grounds for his continued imprisonment, in which case he should receive a prompt and fair trial.

Yours faithfully,

Copy to:
Botschaft der Republik Kenia
S. E. Herrn Frost Edwin Otieno Josiah
Markgrafenstr. 63
10969 Berlin