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Dezember-Brief 2004

Hier ist das Anschreiben an die Vertretung des Landes

Kanzlei der Botschaft von Barbados
S. E. Herrn Errol Leroy Humphrey
100 Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
105 Bruxelles

Dear Ambassador,

I am enclosing a copy of my letter to the Prime Minister of your country in which I express my dismay at the fact that the death penalty has been re-introduced in Barbados. This retrograde step comes at a time when many other countries are taking the opposite line and have abolished this inhuman practice.

I should like to request you to put pressure on your government to reverse this decision. I am sure you will recognise the positive effect this would have on your relations with other countries.

Yours sincerely,

Letter to Prime Minister of Barbados

Hier ist der Brief an das betroffene Land

The Rt Hon Owen Arthur
Prime Minister
Office of the prime Minister
Government Headquarters
Bay Street
St Michael

Dear Prime Minister,

I was greatly concerned to hear that your government intends to re-introduce capital punishment in an attempt to curb violent crime in your country. This move comes at a time when other nations world-wide have decided to abolish the death penalty. The international human rights organisation Amnesty International opposes the use of the death penalty in all cases on humanitarian grounds. I certainly do not condone criminal acts of violence, and the victims of these crimes have my deepest sympathy. However, I do not believe that the existence of capital punishment has ever served as a deterrent to violent crime in any country. The re-introduction of the death penalty is seen as an extremely backward step in the civilised world of today.

In your country at this moment there are two prisoners who are living under this threat: Lenox Boyce and Jeffrey Joseph were sentenced to be hanged on 20th September 2004. Following an appeal the sentence has been postponed pending a decision, but the sentence has not been commuted into a long-term prison sentence, which would be preferable.

I should like to ask you, together with your government, to reconsider this regressive action which will not serve to enhance your country's reputation internationally.

Season's greetings,

Copy to:
Kanzlei der Botschaft von Barbados
S. E. Herrn Errol Leroy Humphrey
100 Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
105 Bruxelles